About us

In 1970, four members, led by José Maria de Castro, founded a company to fulfill a need within the refrigeration industry, focusing on customer service. Now, as a result of market needs and globalization, we create a new company: KASFRIAK – Cooling. Our goal is to continue a long-term work based on the proven experience while looking to the future's challenges.
Founded by an experienced team in the commercial refrigeration field, KASFRIAK aims to be a forefront company, working hard to respond to the most challenging customer demands with the best solutions. Innovation in each detail is a key factor for us, trying to offer more easy to use, durable and high performance products. We produce a wide range of commercial refrigeration equipment (from counters and cabinets to pizza prep tables) for professional catering, regarding each customer requirements. Product customization is our strong suit, so we build your equipment based on your preferences and specific needs, always with professionalism and high quality standards. We can start a special project from the design stage, passing through production and culminating with delivery and customer-care services, as required in a turnkey project. And, of course, we offer further peace of mind through the services of our highly skilled maintenance teams. This results in a long-term relationship with customers that benefits both.

We work closely with all refrigeration and catering professionals, such as retail dealers, kitchen advisors, restaurants and restaurant chains, bars, bakeries, hotels, supermarkets, architects and designers, listening to all their requirements to find the perfect solution for each project. We believe that by working together it's possible to achieve great products that exceed your expectations, making a strong and reliable partnership. KASFRIAK is always looking for avant-garde technologies to produce the best for the best: our customers. For us, customer satisfaction is everything. Technology and high quality manufacturing are our core values, while always respecting and safeguarding the environment, contributing to an eco-sustainable greener future. We want to give you the coolest products. Your needs are our challenge.

We have an attitude of continuous innovation and improvement. We are always looking for new challenges that make us grow both as an enterprise and as individuals.