Go green checklist

Now more than ever we must act urgently and responsibly to safeguard the future of our planet - and this is not so difficult. The following tips help you save energy (saving resources) the easy way, while reducing your business operating costs.


Installation and location

Install the appliance in a dry,...

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New DCC and EFC technologies

Our commitment to efficiency and foodstuff conservation has led us to a new level. Our everyday rule is to give our customers the best, helping them to improve their service while saving energy and reducing costs. Keeping this in mind, we are working on two new technologies: DCC and EFC.

DCC stands for Dynamic Cool Control. This new smart technology helps you to save energy,...

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Introducing the all new NUUK DUAL

Professionals require quality, safety and hygiene above anything else. We understand that professional kitchens have to cope with large numbers of guests. The brand-new NUUK DUAL combines the convenience of worktop space with dual cold storage located below. Yes, you can conserve products with different temperature requirements in the same equipment, saving space and money, while being...

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