Keep it fresh

Ensure your food gets the best. After all, it?s all about the food.

Garder la fraicheur

Assurez-vous que les produits alimentaires soient les meilleurs. Après tout, il s\'agit de produits alimentaires.

Always more, always better

Improve everything we make and the way we make it. Innovation is in our DNA.

Toujours plus, toujours mieux

Améliorer tout ce que nous faisons et la façon dont nous le faisons. L?innovation est dans notre ADN.

We take care

Care for the environment is in each raw material chosen, in each operation we do and in the way we do it.

Nous nous préoccupons

Le souci de l?environnement est dans chaque matière première choisie, dans chaque opération que nous faisons et dans la manière dont nous le faisons.

A team that works together for you

We share the same passion: make the coolest refrigerating equipment.

Une équipe qui travaille ensemble pour vous

Nous partageons la même passion: faire de l?équipement frigorifique le plus frais.

Tailoring your cool

Custom products. Unparalleled performance.

Our Challenge

Our passion is to meet your most challenging demand, working harder and better every single day to provide the most creative and effective solutions. The custom manufacturing expertise of our experienced team provides high quality refrigerating equipment for every customer application. We want to innovate in each detail, always striving to offer you the best and exceed your expectations. Your needs are our challenge.


We are driven by technology. Each equipment is exclusively designed to meet all specifications and constructed with performance and ease of use in mind. Our R&D team is always looking for new solutions and developing technological systems that ensure the maximum performance of our equipment. State of the art manufacture technologies deliver the highest precision stainless steel parts for enhanced product quality.

Thinking green

The rational use of resources and intensive research, using cutting-edge technology, make our products green. The refrigerating systems are environmentally safe and CFC/HCFC free, through use of eco-friendly refrigerants and low energy consumption, contributing to an eco-sustainable future. Sustainability means not only a better use of natural resources, but also responsible production and continuous design and technology improvement of our products.

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