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Dimensions(CxLxA) : 2400x900x1100 [mm]

Refrigerant Volume : 460

Fluide frigorigène : R-404A

Refrigeration : Ventilated

Finishing : Stainless Steel

Temperature : 0/+10 [șC]

Climate Class : 5

Power Suplpy : 230/50 [V~]/[Hz]


Built for any environment, models with different volumes and a huge number of options to meet your specific needs
Compatible with temperature monitoring (HACCP) system
Stainless steel interior and exterior with rounded corners and removable shelf trays
Designed and built to meet all international quality standards for reliability and performance
All KASFRIAK products undergo rigorous testing at every stage in order to meet the highest international standards. Only the best quality components are used


Forced air refrigeration
DCC technology to maximize performance and energy efficiency


Environmentally friendly low GWP polyurethane foam insulation (60mm thickness)
Easy to adjust, removable shelving and trays
Compatible with a wide range of temperature monitoring systems
Stainless steel shelving: longer life and easy to clean
Clean design and sleek stainless steel finish
Automatic, energy efficient evaporation of defrost water
Our range of commercial refrigeration products exceeds the safety and handling requirements set out in European Directives and their corresponding standards (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive EMC, 2004/108/ED, Low Voltage Safety Directive 73/23/EEC)
An ever-increasing number of components are recyclable


Adjustable set point temperature for maximum efficiency even in the hottest environments
Visual and audible HI/LO alarm
Auto/manual defrost control
Condenser cleaning light for timely servicing


Bullnosed counter top
Extra shelves
Remote refrigeration system
Temperature monitoring systems (HACCP)
Internal LED lighting
230V~/60Hz and 115V~/60Hz power supply